TTS ON-Demand Text-to-Speech Audio Creation

Service Package

    Multilingual Text-to-Speech No Software Installation Required Works in Both PC & Mac
    Best Cost-effective Solution Dynamic Audio-Visual Previews Commercial Use for Reallusion Animation Products


1. What's the coverage for royalty-free license?

You may use the conversion of text into royalty-free audio only for use with the following Reallusion products: iClone, CrazyTalk, CrazyTalk Animator.

2. How many languages can I use in my purchased length of time?

We provide a total of 22 languages, with 47 male and female voices for you to choose from. You can freely combine any sounds and languages.

3. Do you charge for the length of time when previewing?

No, we only count the length of time of your conversion.

4. What if I reach my maximum usage time?

You will see a reminder after you login, in case you wish to purchase more time.

5. Can I change the pitch of the voices?

There are 9 voices that you can adjust the pitch:
- US English: Male 1 & Female 1
- UK English: Female 1
- Spanish: Female 1
- Chinese: Female 1
- Japanese: Male 1 & Female 1
- Korean : Male 1 & Female 1

6. Do the quality and format affect the total time of voice generation?

Yes. Conversion and Download Time vastly depend on your audio quality selection; you may use the default settings for optimized results.

7. Can I use this service in any browser?

You may use this service in Internet Explorer: v9.0 and above. Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.
Please note:
For Mac users - at the moment Mac users may not be able to watch the avatar for preview if opened via Google Chrome. This is because of a current issue with the Unity Web Player, which currently does not support OS X 64-bit. In order to watch the avatar on a Mac, may we suggest that you use other browsers like Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox, until Unity fixes this issue.

8. Can I preview, with the avatar, on any device?

Previews with the avatars are only supported in PC or Mac desktop computers.

9. Can I create my own avatar animations online like in your preview window demo?

At the moment, the animations are for previewing audio only. Soon we will provide an online text-to-animation service for developers and other commercial applications.

10. Are any purchases made with this service refundable?

Please note that once you've set your audio and converted your text, the service will not be refundable. For this you have to NOT convert a single second. If you do not convert, then we'll be able to process the refund for you.